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Outreach Commission

The Outreach Commission was formed with representatives from deanery parishes with a goal to maximize impact, avoid duplication and assess and address unmet needs in the deanery.

The Commission defined community outreach as any on-going service provided or supported by any of the deanery parishes or Catholic organizations whose primary recipients are not deanery parishioners.

To determine objectives, the Commission assessed parish outreach activities:

  • All parish community service data was gathered including dollars spent
  • Surveyed all parishes to communicate the extent of outreach being done by each parish and deanery-wide and to determine if parishioners agree with the time and dollars spent.

The results of the deanery-wide survey showed that:

  • Over 90% agreed that current dollars were being directed appropriately – to food ministry and 46% felt more should be done to support food ministry.  As a result a “Food Group” was established.
  • Nearly 35% felt disaster relief was our next priority. The Deanery-wide survey showed that parishioners felt emergency preparedness was the next priority after food ministry.  The survey showed that parishioners felt a Catholic presence was missing in local and regional disasters (Henryville, etc.)
Parish Emergency Preparedness Plan

Emergency PreparednessThe Archdiocese has encouraged all parishes to develop a parish emergency plan and train parishioners to protect their families, their homes, and their pets or livestock.

The Outreach Commission formed an Emergency Preparedness subgroup whose purpose is to:

  • assure adequate preparation by families and parishes for emergencies,
  • encourage families to have a family emergency plan,
  • and to complete a site survey for each Parish (walk-throughs). (In progress)
  • After Site Surveys are complete, perform a needs analysis and ensure that each parish has an Emergency Response Plan (ERP).
  • Train families to develop a family emergency plan and perform basic emergency techniques
  • Begin Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) with the goal of having a Catholic presence during emergencies and disasters and be able to assist in disaster relief. (14 parishioners trained)

This is an introduction to weekly tips to prepare all parishioners to be able to protect their families and homes.